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Why participate in the TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION training

  • Followed by an important number of Agile Certified Practitioners (PMI-ACP)® in Romania - 80 Certified Trainees!
  • It's covering more agile approaches, such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean or Extreme Programming
  • 100% success rate. All of the participants who completed the training program (training + learning plan) and attended the exam - passed the exam!
  • Includes a personalized individual study plan
  • Includes asistance for filling in the exam application forms


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650 EUR + VAT Live Online

  • An extra tax of EUR 140 +VAT is applied to In-Class sessions. Final price for these sessions is EUR 790 + VAT
  • For this course, individual customers are not paying VAT

To whom is the training addressed

The PMI-ACP® certification is addressed to all practitioners, not only to Project Managers. All those who have worked with agile methods and who want to learn new approaches that can complete their experience are eligible to apply for certification: Software Developers, Testers, Project Managers, Technical Leaders, Software architects or Designers, Business Analysts, Managers, etc.



I highly recommend the PMI-ACP Training from PM Access with Mihai Olaru, he is an experienced PM, trainer and coach. His Agile training balances the theoretical part with examples and real-life situations to help the trainees understand and memorize the concepts. Moreover, the support Mihai gives post-training is a key to study and prepare for the exam to take it from your first try. Method tested, I earned my PMI-ACP Certification on Jan 26, 2021.

Application Engineer at Procter&Gamble

July, 2020


Mihai is involved in helping you understand and become better with Agile Methodologies. His commitment continues even after the training has ended so that you have his support in preparing for the Certification Exam if that is what you want. The course is well structured but as with all group activities, the experience may differ according to the participants. The training is the gate and a boost on the PMI ACP journey so this is the right first step in my opinion.

Regional Manager at Kruk

September, 2020

Ruxandra Soare


"TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION" training was a really great experience that helped me to understand the most important and relevant Agile terminology. The course is very well structured and Mihai found the most suitable ways to present all concepts in a very interactive manner. I strongly recommend Mihai, an exceptional trainer, very involved, dedicated and supportive. More than that, one of the most important is that Mihai is a great motivator, he will always find ways to encourage during your learning process. Great training & great motivator & sure success!

Operations Specialist at Oracle

March, 2020


Mihai goes above and beyond in helping you reach your goal and become an Agile Certified Practitioner. I attended the 3 day course held by him "TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION". His main focus is on helping you understand the agile mindset, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. What really impressed me was the support he provided after the course, developing a very personalized study plan and having several Skype meetings afterwards, clarifying tricky areas. This was much more than I expected when I signed up for the course. I wish all trainers would have the skills, mindset and support shown by him.

Project Manager R&D at Ascom

December, 2019


I participated in the PMI-ACP Certification Course, where I had the pleasure of meeting Mihai as a trainer. Only with his help I managed to fully understand the Agile mindset. An exceptional coach and mentor, extremely supportive and dedicated in helping anyone who aspires to become an Agile Certified Practitioner. I fully and strongly recommend Mihai!

Scrum Master / IT Project Manager at Vodafone

June, 2019

Adrian Nitu


As an IT professional I've been doing Agile development for some time, without any serious theoretical support. Within this course, Mihai combined the theoretical and practical aspects of Agile in a very fresh, interactive and easy to follow mode. Afterwords I continued by getting the PMI-ACP certification and Mihai coached me through this process. Now I feel that my agile mindset is better structured and more effective than before. I also obtained more leverage in convincing my colleagues, managers and clients of the agile benefits and it's capacity in delivering successful products. It all started with this course and I want to thank Mihai for it!

Busines Unit Manager at Berg Software

November, 2018

Radu Baluta


It was a great experience working with Mihai, both attending the training and having regular check ins on the road to certification. I feel that his experience in the field is a critical factor in the success of my endeavor as he can relate to the situations quickly giving examples of how to take on challenges and assess how different actions impact the future development. The training was an opportunity to understand how other teams are taking on similar challenges that I also faced and Mihai is a person that likes to point out what you can learn from someone’s failure or success, making the whole group work as a team in the 3 days. The emphasis on real life scenarios and solutions make this one of the top trainings to go through for an aspiring or experienced project manager.

Development Director at Electronic Arts

May, 2018

Mihai Marculescu


I can say that it was quite by chance to find Mihai and to attend his course TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION. After all this experience, I can say I was lucky because I found out a very good trainer (both professional and human) with a very well structured course. In a nutshell this course's differentiator is the very comprehensive summary of the Agile Exam Content and the after-course relation with Mihai (the fact that you have a personalized schedule made by Mihai depending on your time availability and that Mihai is doing his best in keeping you connected with frequent follow-ups to the agreed schedule :) ). I recommend Mihai and his course, openhearted, for all those interested to obtain this certification.

Project Manager, National Network Deployment at Vodafone

January, 2018

Roxana Cristea


Mihai is a fantastic trainer that I discovered in January 2018, while I was participating @ "TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION" course. Good insight, strong recommendations, excellent advisor and partner for the certification journey. More than this, he helped me with a scheme of learning plan that was crucial for obtaining the certification. Before exam he took the time to block some virtual meetings for clarification, for solidifying the knowledge gathered and eliminating uncertainty. He was also a good motivator, shifting my exam perspective. THANK YOU for all this, Mihai! I truly recommend this course (it changes your mindset) and Mihai Olaru as a trainer! I do hope that our roads meet again in the future on Agile/Coaching/Project Management trainings or projects. Congrats, Mihai, for making a difference!

PMO Manager at Oracle

January, 2018


Mihai manages to create an excellent balance between theory and practice - funny examples from the real life (all in a relaxed atmosphere). Even all of us were from different domains of expertise, some of the trainees didn't use Agile before, after the course he managed to induce us all that Agile mindset (which is the key feature of the whole thing). After each module we had a 15 questions test, explained after. He gave us access to docs, tests, and moreover, he will train each of us for the ACP exam, adapted to each person's pace of learning. Highly recommend!

Technical Lead and Scrum Master at 3 Pillar Global

October, 2017


I was fortunate enough to have Mihai as my trainer for the PMI-ACP certification, and I don't regret it - needless to say the objective has been achieved and I am now the prowd owner of a PMI-ACP certification with "above target" mention on all domains. Mihai is a very hands-on coach. Not only did he provide relevant information during the training, but he also provided a personalized learning plan after the training in order to prepare for the exam. Then he followed through the plan by making himself available for guidance via dedicated skype sessions. Also, when I encountered areas where I felt I was less prepared, Mihai was kind enough to help me with reference material specifically targeted for the areas needing improvement. These reference materials proved to be of much bigger use for the exam that I would have initially assumed. I would recommend Mihai to anyone who wants to prepare for the PMI-ACP certification.

Scrum Master at Viva Credit IFN

October, 2017


I had the pleasure of attending Mihai's TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION program. I say program because it's not limited to the 3 days of training. During the training, Mihai combined the theoretical information with real-life examples. In the period between the training and the exam, he helped with a tailored learning plan, frequently checking in to see if things were unclear. It really helped that he was available for follow up questions until the day of the exam.

QA Manager at Bitdefender

March, 2017


  • Ziua
    Intro, PMI-ACP® Certification overview; exam eligibility and registration process, Agile Principles and Mindset
  • Ziua
    Value-driven Delivery, Stakeholder Engagement, Team Performance
  • Ziua
    Adaptive Planning, Problem Detection and Resolution, Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People)
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