Successful projects. Satisfied clients.

PM ACCESS consultants are experts with more than 10 years’ experience. Giving you practical solutions based on company’s needs, their expertise is coming from know-how, experience and motivation to achieve the final result in an efficient way.

Working with us: what are your benefits?

  • Access to a high and varied level of expertise, our consultants being active practitioners in project management
  • Practical solutions and concrete answers based on know-how and our significant experience
  • Any project has a special complexity level. Our technical and management consultants abilities help us to approach in an efficient way the challenges related to soft skills
  • The challenges met by our clients are different. Therefore, we are offering customized consultancy services through specific solutions and support according to the project requirements and our client’s needs.
  • PM ACCESS expertise’ team offers specific and complementary competences that help our clients to cover a large area of activity: starting from identifying project requirements to the management of the complex projects and programs, methodologies, development best practices, change management, operations efficiency, training and communication inside the teams
  • PM ACCESS is a team of leading professionals which means that successful projects and clients satisfaction are first of all our personal standards and main components for PM ACCESS success. Therefore, our client’s objectives are reached naturally
  • During each project, the timing and resources are basic components. Consequently, working with PM ACCESS team represents the best outsourcing solution reducing in the same time the budget allocated to personnel recruitment (certified experts with more than 10 years’ experience).


Contact us

We will contact you to discuss all your needs

How do we work?

Our first meeting will help us to draft an analysis of the existing situation and expressed and unstated needs by the main stakeholders. This is a first step needed to customize the solution you expect from us. The preliminary evaluation is free of charge and gives you transparency in the evaluation process of our consultant’s experience and know-how level.

What kind of consultancy services we offer?

1. Project/Program Management

  • Complex project management (project management contract)
  • Projects auditing
  • Risk Management
  • Consultancy during the auction’s tender book, project management agreed requirements (methodology, required implementation plan and projects resources profile)
  • Consultancy needed to create the strategies and detailed implementation plans
  • Representation through assignment of a third party interests during the project (ex: Client)
  • Project Managers leasing
  • Agile Scrum coaching
  • Quality Manager leasing

2. PMO development and process improvement

  • Short/long term plan of PMO department set up (max. 6 months/2 years)
  • Creation/review of job descriptions for PM, Program Manager, Portfolio Manager, assistants
  • Development and institutionalization of the Project Management methodology
  • Selection and implementation of software tools necessary to project management and projects portfolio
  • Identifying the training needs for the PMO department
  • Developing key performance indicators and reporting tools
  • Developing and institutionalizing engineering and business processes

3. Strategy management

  • Assist organization to improve the strategy development process
  • Assess current capabilities and capture the future vision to efficiently determine the organizational changes needed to achieve the strategic objectives
  • Design portfolios so that the organizations will achieve the strategic objectives
  • Help organization to successfully implement and adapt the Strategy to a continuously changing environment
  • Design plans to link strategy with operations in order to achieve the strategic goals

4. Lean Improvements

  • Process improvement through removing waste (MUDA)
  • Resource usage optimization and cost reduction
  • Standardize work
  • 5S Workshops
  • VSM and VSD Workshops
  • Kanban Implementation
  • Kaizen/Kaikaku Events

5. Software implementation and integration

For a good project management of end to end software tools development we offer the implementation of a software infrastructure as following:

  • Infrastructure Knowledge Base
  • Requirements, specifications and tests software management
  • Bug tracking software
  • Release management software and continuous integration
  • Email servers
  • Automatic testing software

6. Human Resources evaluation

  • CV’s selection
  • Interviews for the new employees assigned for the project managements roles
  • Employees competencies evaluation for the roles assigned in project management
  • Developing and implementing the evaluation system, key performance indicators (KPI’s)

Our consultants will surely add value to your business and complex projects due to more than 10 years experience and through optimized and efficient solutions designed by PM ACCESS.

You can contact us here: or phone: 031 426 94 81.

What our clients say

Elena Bogus


Senior HR Consultant at Metro Systems

We've implemented an Agile Awareness training program with PM Access and also an Agile Coach internal selection process. With more than 300 trainees in the Agile Awareness sessions, PM Access managed to support our commitment to Agile transformation in 2015. The grounds were very well set for collaboration and all attendees now share the same understanding of Agile values, principles and the benefits they provide. Mihai was truly inspiring, sharing his knowledge and experience he brings from working closely with Agile teams. We received the same value and quality from PM Access during the selection process of internal Agile coaches. PM Access partnered with the Business and HR to reveal the most appropriate people in the company that can represent the Agile initiatives, going forward. Thank you, PM Access!


Information Technology Manager at Medicover / Synevo

In our experience of agile coaching, true value comes with hands-on experience. Agile coaching is not only a display of knowledge but a practice. Working with PM Access on our Agile transformation projects has revealed how important it is to see someone practicing agility, and not only preaching it. With Mihai standing by our teams, we've got to observe the behaviors of servant leadership and openness, to the point we realized communication is not an addition to work, but a way of working. What we've come to recognize as valuable during the coaching process is the empowerment the team received in the process, and how they continue to act boldly to new challenges! We love this result!