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De ce sa participi la cursul Agile – Scrum for Teams

  • Invata si exerseaza metoda Scrum intr-un training practic de 2 zile
  • Pregateste-te pentru certificarea de Scrum Master "PSM I"
  • Cu Scrum obtii livrari rapide, complete si in acord cu nevoile de business ale clientilor
  • Vizibilitate mai buna a procesului de dezvoltare catre stakeholderii de business, cu rezultat direct in reducerea riscului proiectelor
  • Adaptare rapida la schimbari (de strategie, prioritati si planificare)
  • Obtinerea timpurie a acceptantei clientului prin cicluri rapide de feedback
  • Comunicare imbunatatita prin lucrul in echipe multi-functionale, spirit de echipa imbunatatit si motivare


  • Mihai Olaru

    MIHAI OLARU - Professional Scrum Trainer, PSM III, PMI-ACP, PMP, PSK I, PSPO I

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Online full-day (9:00 - 18:00) MIHAI OLARU 0 Waitlist

420 EUR +TVA

  • La acest curs persoanele fizice nu platesc TVA
  • Pretul va fi platit in RON la cursul BNR din ziua facturarii.
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Cui i se adreseaza trainingul

Dezvoltatori Software - Testeri - Team Lead-eri - Arhitecti software - Designeri software - Analisti de Business - Designeri de UI/UX - Technical writeri - Manageri de proiect - Manageri care doresc sa aplice procesele Agile in dezvoltarea si mentenanta produselor software.


Ansu George


The presentation was very informative and thorough. Mihai was very interactive and kept the team engaged throughout, the principles of Scrum and Agile were discussed repeatedly and got a very good picture of the methodology. Mihai’s extensive experience as a Scrum Master and in Project Management was very evident in the valuable answers and discussions on questions raised by the GE Team. The Agile Scrum Training with its content and relevant exercises created by Mihai is highly recommended for all engaged in improving delivery of projects

Business Operations Leader at GE Digital

Data participarii la training:
mai, 2021

Ana-Maria Andrei


Thanks to Mihai, SCRUM framework becomes more easier to understand and the exam looks like "a walk in the park" after taking this course. All you need to know is there, so I highly recommend this course for all those who want to take a step forward learning Scrum.

Project Manager at Pionix Marketing Solutions

Data participarii la training:
septembrie, 2018


The course was very helpful in understanding Agile/Scrum principles and framework. Special thanks to Mihai, the trainer, who managed very professionally to pass the knowledge and keeping us focused throughout the course.

Project Manager at Stratalux INC

Data participarii la training:
noiembrie, 2017

Camelia Damian


I've participated in July 2016 at 'Agile Scrum for Teams' Training kept by Mihai. It was a very good training, the information was organized and well presented. There were given many examples and also I've obtained answers to my questions. The exercises were well chosen and were similar to situations arising in everyday.

Software Business Analyst at Medicover Synevo

Data participarii la training:
iulie, 2016

Radu Andronescu


This is a useful training for both the newbies and the experienced Agile practitioners. Mihai is a well versed trainer. Even though this is a quite exhausting training, he was able, with ease, to keep everybody in the class fully focused throughout the 2 full days. The information he presented was well organized and sustained with powerful examples.

Project Manager at Avangate

Data participarii la training:
iunie, 2016

Ancuta-Maria Pol


The Agile Scrum for Teams training is exactly what you need if you want to start working in an agile team or you want to gain stronger knowledge about the process. The two days I attended the class were interesting and this had a positive impact on my vision about Scrum. I kindly recommend it!

.NET Developer at Siemens

Data participarii la training:
mai, 2017


I really liked this training. Mihai is natural and genuine during the presentation. He has the experience as a Scrum Master and Project Manager. He presents the concepts and values as person who believe in what he said. He has many stories from real life. An Agile training for everybody: the people who discover first time Agile world or people with experience in working in Scrum format. I recommend Mihai and I recommend the training (information, structure, examples, games) created by Mihai. Good job Mihai!

IT Manager at Cegeka Romania

Data participarii la training:
noiembrie, 2017

Iulia Stancu


I recommend this course to anyone interested in how scrum works and most of all to those that have already started using scrum in their teams and have difficulties. The teaching method assures that besides the theory, the participants have the possibility to ask questions regarding their own project and/or best practices. I really enjoyed this course!

Software Developer at Vodafone Romania Technologies SSC

Data participarii la training:
februarie, 2018

Cristian Miculi


Before taking this course I had very little insight into the Agile world; I only knew some buzzwords like "scrum" or "sprint". Within the 2 days of training, Mihai got me up to speed with what Agile is all about, proven ways of working with teams and also optimization tips for this. We also spoke briefly about other working methodologies, to have a context picture. I liked the practical exercises, the relaxed way of teaching and, most of all, the psychological tips on how to work with others in the team. Totally recommend this training!

Senior Manager, Alliances at Avangate

Data participarii la training:
iunie, 2016

Valentin Fagetean


You will learn new things, new methods, even though you already have a basic knowledge about Scrum/Agile. It changes your normal perception about Scrum/Agile.

QA Project Lead at Electronic Arts

Data participarii la training:
martie, 2017

Structura si durata cursului

  • Ziua
    What’s Agile - Introduction to Scrum - “Pass The Penny” Game - Scrum Roles: Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Development Team - Scrum meetings: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum
  • Ziua
    Scrum meetings (cont): Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective - Scrum artifacts: Product Backlog, S Backlog, Burn-down Chart - Exercise – - Story points estimating - Hyper-productivity in Agile
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