I recently completed the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) training with Mihai in Cluj. His dedication and practical insights transformed my understanding of Scrum. Thanks to him, I’ve already seen better results at work. Mihai’s professionalism and private discussions make him a standout coach. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone on their Scrum journey. Thank you, Mihai, for an exceptional learning experience!

Agile Master at Robert Bosch

A very well structured, engaging, insightful and fun training, with an extremely valuable hands on approach which provided the attendants with an incredible practical experience. A real gem for everybody who wants to gain or sharpen their facilitation skills.

Scrum Master at Alpega Group

Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills™ - PSFS

Concise, effective, hands-on training, with a lot of opportunities to facilitate throughout the day. Real life examples and contexts, how-tos and what-ifs that can be easily brought into the actual interactions we have everyday

Project Manager | Professional Scrum Master

Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills™ - PSFS

The PMI-ACP course itself is very interactive – even though dense in information, your attention can’t get lost. Mihai isn’t just giving lectures from textbooks, but real-life examples and keeps you engaged. I cannot recommend him enough, a phenomenal trainer – extremely supportive and dedicated even after training, he helps you cultivate the agile mindset needed for success.

Head of Programmatic Media at MAD | MadAboutDigital

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

Great PSM trainer and overall experience During the online live class of PSM I (June 26 & 27) held by the one and only Mihai Olaru, I had the real joy of expanding my Agile and Scrum knowledge, while also having a lot of AHA moments with regards to the Scrum Master's world of choices. The materials presented, the practicality of the class in itself were so well thought out, and delivered, that I would enroll once again just for the fun of it. Frankly speaking, I highly and openly recommend Mihai as a trainer, he knows the deal!

Configuration Team Lead at AROBS Software

Professional Scrum Master™ - PSM I

PM Access is the right choice for those looking to obtain the PMI-ACP certification. Mihai is a great professional coach that guides you during the preparation stage and offers the best documentation based on each individual needs.

Strategic Project Manager at Eaton

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

I strongly believe that it is always the trainer who gives great value to a course! Mihai is an extraordinary teacher, who combines the delivery of information with real-life examples and a good sense of humor, making an experience out of learning for his trainees. Furthermore, when I started my journey to achieve the PMI-ACP certification, Mihai has been by my side, giving me step by step guidance, support and encouragement. Thank you, Mihai, for such an inspiring and valuable training!

Product Manager at CEC Bank

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

Interactive and comprehensive Scrum Training. Mihai did a wonderful job as a Scrum Trainer during the training I attended through University of Westminster. Not only he displayed his vast knowledge and deep insights into Scrum but he was patient, took time to answer questions from every participant and made the session, spread over 2 days, interactive and interesting. The breakout rooms provided ample opportunity to share ideas with others in the group and Mihai provided his expert opinion explaining how and what needs to be done when using Scrum.

UMESH PEDNEKAR, PSM I, ILM Level 7 certified Executive Coach
BI Technical Lead at Howdens Joinery at UK

Great trainers (Mihai and Richard) with great experience! I also appreciated their openness and desire to explain and clarify in detail the questions asked by the students.

Technical Project Manager at Orange

The training with Mihai Olaru has been very insightful, engaging and energetic. He has been extremely meticulous in training delivery and explanations, which has made the certification exam easy to pass, as I had a really solid theoretical basis. He adapted extremely well to each of our level of experience and understanding, making the entire certification process smooth and fun! Thank you, Mihai, for a job well done!

Development Manager at Electronic Arts (EA)

Professional Scrum Master™ - PSM I

Trainer, coach, mentor. Mihai has gracefully switched back-and-forth between this three roles and guided me towards my very own PMP-ACP certification. He always knew what I needed. From the real life examples from the training, the structured approach of the study plan and the customized advices. What a transformative experince! Thank you Mihai!

Digital Release Manager at Morningstar Sustainalitycs

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

Mihai was a fabulous trainer. And did a great job of bringing together people with different mindsets together.

Principal Consultant at Genpact

Professional Scrum Master™ - PSM I

The major benefit of this class is the interaction with other Scrum practitioners and learning from/ with them. Mihai made an extraordinary job in stearing and mediating the two days we spent together. The above being said, the only improvement I’d propose is to have bigger claases with more participants. Thanks again Mihai!

Software Project & Account Manager at Lynx Solutions

Professional Scrum Master™ - Advanced (PSM II)

I have taken the online Scrum.org PSM II class with Mihai Olaru, from PM Access. After the training I also passed the PSM II certification exam. The training material was very good, the format makes the information flow from trainer to students in a very interactive and engaging manner. It all helps with better understanding the topics and learning from the ideas and experiences of the other class mates. Mihai is a very open person and he is good at sharing examples from his past experience. I recommend the course to anyone looking for answers to different questions they might have related to the way Scrum can be implemented successfully.

Scrum Master and Project Manager at Xperi

Professional Scrum Master™ - Advanced (PSM II)

Mihai was very open and friendly during his class as well as willing to provide us with additional support after we finished said class in our effort to better understand the Scrum methodology.

Junior Project Coordinator at Ubisoft

Professional Scrum Master™ - PSM I

A very action packed class Mihai made sure that everyone understood the concept of Agile and Scrum by asking a lot of questions and leaving it up for discussion.

Development Engineer at ING Tech Romania

Professional Scrum Master™ - PSM I

Mihai Olaru's class was excellent! I liked how the learning path was build and usage of MURAL allowed the participants to interact easily. Mihai has a pleasant way to communicate and his professional experience was a big plus when some use cases were discussed. All topics were well explained and helped me to get the certification. So thank you, Mihai, for the valuable things you've shared with us.

Team Lead Manager at Atos

Professional Scrum Master™ - PSM I

Great Professional Scrum Master I Training I recently attended the PSM I training with Mihai Olaru. I can honestly say this was one of the best prepared trainings I have participated in: the presentation, the practical exercises, how the training was organized over the 2 days, as well as Mihai's expertise, contributed to me being very engaged and eager to learn. He answered all our questions and provided helpful insights, feedback and advice, both for the future exam/certification and our day to day activity as Scrum Masters. Looking forward to the next one! Thank you, Mihai!

Business IT Application Manager at Veoneer

Very simple and meaningful class. Supportive trainer - open for any question on topic. Well organized materials and interesting cases. Good base for preparation for PSM l assessment.

Scrum Master at NICE

Professional Scrum Master™ - Advanced (PSM II)

The course I attended helped me prepare for the PMI-PBA Certification. It is very well structured and provides you with more than simple guidance for your preparation in obtaining the PBA certification. Alex is a great trainer. He was very prepared throughout the course, but he was also very supportive after that. He provided us with a well-structured plan with the steps that should be followed to meet our goal (obtaining the certification). Thanks, PM Access, for the opportunity and all of the valuable information that I've learned during the course and after that!

Senior Business Analyst at Tremend Software Consulting

TARGET PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® CERTIFICATION

This training course helped me set appropriate expectations regarding the time needed to prepare myself for the certification exam and offered me good tools and recommendations, in order to make the learning process a successful one. Explanations and best practice hints were offered during the 4-days course, along with exemplifications from the trainer's experience, that made some information easier to remember.

Business Analyst at Zitec

TARGET PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)® CERTIFICATION

The presentation was very informative and thorough. Mihai was very interactive and kept the team engaged throughout, the principles of Scrum and Agile were discussed repeatedly and got a very good picture of the methodology. Mihai’s extensive experience as a Scrum Master and in Project Management was very evident in the valuable answers and discussions on questions raised by the GE Team. The Agile Scrum Training with its content and relevant exercises created by Mihai is highly recommended for all engaged in improving delivery of projects

Business Operations Leader at GE Digital

Agile - Scrum for Teams

I highly recommend the PMI-ACP Training from PM Access with Mihai Olaru, he is an experienced PM, trainer and coach. His Agile training balances the theoretical part with examples and real-life situations to help the trainees understand and memorize the concepts. Moreover, the support Mihai gives post-training is a key to study and prepare for the exam to take it from your first try. Method tested, I earned my PMI-ACP Certification on Jan 26, 2021.

Application Engineer at Procter&Gamble

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

Mihai is involved in helping you understand and become better with Agile Methodologies. His commitment continues even after the training has ended so that you have his support in preparing for the Certification Exam if that is what you want. The course is well structured but as with all group activities, the experience may differ according to the participants. The training is the gate and a boost on the PMI ACP journey so this is the right first step in my opinion.

Regional Manager at Kruk

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

"TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION" training was a really great experience that helped me to understand the most important and relevant Agile terminology. The course is very well structured and Mihai found the most suitable ways to present all concepts in a very interactive manner. I strongly recommend Mihai, an exceptional trainer, very involved, dedicated and supportive. More than that, one of the most important is that Mihai is a great motivator, he will always find ways to encourage during your learning process. Great training & great motivator & sure success!

Operations Specialist at Oracle

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn AGILE and wants to get a quick overview of the Scrum Framework. This course is easy to understand, it teaches the concepts in a helpful and engaging way. I never understood the Product Owner's role as much as I did now after finishing this course!

Senior Project Manager at Tremend Software Consulting

Product Ownership in Scrum

The PSPO training was exactly what I needed for starting to learn for the certification. It summarizes well the most important key points and highlights the unusual cases too. Also, it's a very interactive training, so you won't get bored and you'll also learn faster this way.

Senior Business Analyst at Tremend Software Consulting

Product Ownership in Scrum

Having familiarized myself with the agile mindset mostly on the job, I was looking for a way to fill the gaps, and get a deeper understanding of the scrum framework. This course did just that and then some. Going back to my team, I was immediately able to make suggestions, get feedback, and improve the working environment. Under the stress of approaching deadlines, we were actually able to improve our efficiency and deliver more. The course structure was great, the presentation and interactivity helped cement new ideas, and the overall impact on myself and my team was a huge net positive.

Software Engineer at Cognizant Softvision

Product Ownership in Scrum

The training I attended was really informative and interactive, it clarified key points but it was also tailored for specific situations. Very fast I could employ the skills I learned with great results.

Senior Business Analyst at UniCredit Bank Romania

Product Ownership in Scrum

From my perspective, the "TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION" training is focused on what really matters. It helped me understand how to go through specific prep books without getting lost in the information presented there. Mihai Olaru was a great trainer. Really prepared and supportive throughout the course and also until I took the exam. He was open to discussions and additional clarifications that I needed. The material provided after the training were helpful and really gave me an idea of what the exam would be like. I would highly recommend PM Access and especially Mihai as your collaborator on your road to obtaining this certification.

Scrum Master at Waters Romania

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

This training helped me prepare for the PSM I certification. Together with the Scrum guide and the suggestions made by Mihai Olaru I was able to pass PSM I certification with 90%.

Senior PHP developer at 2Checkout

Mihai delivered an excellent scrum training with a good balance between theoretical concepts and practical activities. He also encouraged discussions and acted like a true agile coach for the colleagues involved, helping them to discover solutions.

Senior Product Manager at Adobe

Agile - Scrum for Teams

Mihai goes above and beyond in helping you reach your goal and become an Agile Certified Practitioner. I attended the 3 day course held by him "TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION". His main focus is on helping you understand the agile mindset, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. What really impressed me was the support he provided after the course, developing a very personalized study plan and having several Skype meetings afterwards, clarifying tricky areas. This was much more than I expected when I signed up for the course. I wish all trainers would have the skills, mindset and support shown by him.

Project Manager R&D at Ascom

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

In my opinion, this training was extremely well prepared, very good structure, fantastic examples, good pace of work, great explanations and good practice tests! The trainer, Mihai, was very knowledgeable, I appreciated his communication and presentation skills a lot, all the real-world examples he gave, and the way he led the story and connected all the bits and pieces.

QA Lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

I participated in the PMI-ACP Certification Course, where I had the pleasure of meeting Mihai as a trainer. Only with his help I managed to fully understand the Agile mindset. An exceptional coach and mentor, extremely supportive and dedicated in helping anyone who aspires to become an Agile Certified Practitioner. I fully and strongly recommend Mihai!

Scrum Master / IT Project Manager at Vodafone

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

Structured approach, clear framework, that in the end brings clarity in a new way of working. Bring innovative approach to projects. After the training with Mihai, it is clear that this enables any company to produce a highly valuable product, as so they stay competitive in the market. All the examples provided by Mihai were clear in my mind throughout the learning process, being extremely valuable at the exam time. I highly recommend him as a trainer.

Senior Manager at PwC

Agile - Scrum for Teams

"Agile Scrum for Team" Training represented a very solid basis for my initiation and preparation in Scrum. The training was well structured, covering all the aspects from the Scrum guide as well as related topics and practices. Mihai's experience and knowledge in Scrum was of a significant value to the training, providing additional clarifications when needed, as well as sharing personal experience. Furthermore, I appreciated that he supported me during the learning and development phase in mastering properly Scrum. I am under the opinion that reaching a very good understanding level of Scrum would have been very difficult for me if I would not have attended the training and would not benefit from Mihai's support.

Senior Consultant at PwC

Agile - Scrum for Teams

I am working as a technical manager in a software company and I joined this training in order to get more information about Scrum best practices and initially, I hadn't absolutely no intention to get this certification. In the end, the PMI-ACP training was, sincerely, more then I hoped and truly opened my eyes about the diversity and pragmatism of agile technologies. Mihai Olaru is a great trainer and he made us believe that all the problems have a solution and after three days of course, I was sure that I need to continue to get more details about the mindset behind agile technologies and getting the certification appeared to be the next step in that direction. Now, after few months and holding the certification, I think this is a great achievement and and it was worth all the effort.

Director of Engineering at Masstech

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

As an IT professional I've been doing Agile development for some time, without any serious theoretical support. Within this course, Mihai combined the theoretical and practical aspects of Agile in a very fresh, interactive and easy to follow mode. Afterwords I continued by getting the PMI-ACP certification and Mihai coached me through this process. Now I feel that my agile mindset is better structured and more effective than before. I also obtained more leverage in convincing my colleagues, managers and clients of the agile benefits and it's capacity in delivering successful products. It all started with this course and I want to thank Mihai for it!

Busines Unit Manager at Berg Software

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

Thanks to Mihai, SCRUM framework becomes more easier to understand and the exam looks like "a walk in the park" after taking this course. All you need to know is there, so I highly recommend this course for all those who want to take a step forward learning Scrum.

Project Manager at Pionix Marketing Solutions

Agile - Scrum for Teams

It was a great experience working with Mihai, both attending the training and having regular check ins on the road to certification. I feel that his experience in the field is a critical factor in the success of my endeavor as he can relate to the situations quickly giving examples of how to take on challenges and assess how different actions impact the future development. The training was an opportunity to understand how other teams are taking on similar challenges that I also faced and Mihai is a person that likes to point out what you can learn from someone’s failure or success, making the whole group work as a team in the 3 days. The emphasis on real life scenarios and solutions make this one of the top trainings to go through for an aspiring or experienced project manager.

Development Director at Electronic Arts

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

I recommend this course to anyone interested in how scrum works and most of all to those that have already started using scrum in their teams and have difficulties. The teaching method assures that besides the theory, the participants have the possibility to ask questions regarding their own project and/or best practices. I really enjoyed this course!

Software Developer at Vodafone Romania Technologies SSC

Agile - Scrum for Teams

Helps you consolidate the Agile practices. You have a lot of things to learn even though you are or you are not familiar with Agile. I am doing Agile for like 5-6 years already and I learned a lot of new things. So go get it!

Delivery Manager at TSS-Yonder

Mihai is a fantastic trainer that I discovered in January 2018, while I was participating @ "TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION" course. Good insight, strong recommendations, excellent advisor and partner for the certification journey. More than this, he helped me with a scheme of learning plan that was crucial for obtaining the certification. Before exam he took the time to block some virtual meetings for clarification, for solidifying the knowledge gathered and eliminating uncertainty. He was also a good motivator, shifting my exam perspective. THANK YOU for all this, Mihai! I truly recommend this course (it changes your mindset) and Mihai Olaru as a trainer! I do hope that our roads meet again in the future on Agile/Coaching/Project Management trainings or projects. Congrats, Mihai, for making a difference!

PMO Manager at Oracle

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

The most valuable piece of knowledge that our trainer Cristina brought was the concept of team in the Agile methodology and SCRUM based framework. So, leaving aside for a short moment all the clarifications and practical examples that helped us better implement the Agile practices, I couldn't stress enough the importance of team work and the concept of how we are all together in this. I feel that after those days of training, I now have a better understanding of the underlining issues in my team, how to work better with one another and clearly, I know the next steps to improve our work conditions and general feel of the work space. I love that the main focus is on people - these tools can be quite powerful if applied correctly, and can bring great value, not only to the company, but also, to each individual, as it focuses on great values and principles like courage, focus, commitment, respect and openness. This workshop can help you help your team achieve satisfaction in their workplace. Thank you!

Jr. Frontend Developer at Avira

This training exceeded my expectations, it provided me with quality information for PMI-ACP certification. Great performance from Mihai Olaru, I highly recommend him as a trainer! I loved every minute of the training!

Project Manager at Optaros

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

I can say that it was quite by chance to find Mihai and to attend his course TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION. After all this experience, I can say I was lucky because I found out a very good trainer (both professional and human) with a very well structured course. In a nutshell this course's differentiator is the very comprehensive summary of the Agile Exam Content and the after-course relation with Mihai (the fact that you have a personalized schedule made by Mihai depending on your time availability and that Mihai is doing his best in keeping you connected with frequent follow-ups to the agreed schedule :) ). I recommend Mihai and his course, openhearted, for all those interested to obtain this certification.

Project Manager at National Network Deployment at Vodafone

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

I attended the course "TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION" in January 2018, and less than two months later I was certified. Mihai's teaching method is very effective and easy to follow. After the training, we created a personalized study plan, based on my available time to learn. It was an excellent approach, as step by step we had discussions and emphasis on the areas needing improvement. Mihai is very supportive, makes use of examples from real life experience in order to facilitate understanding of the agile mindset. He is a great speaker and excellent facilitator. Mihai has my highest recommendation for the position of Agile trainer and professional. Thank you, Mihai!

Services Engineer CORE at Ericsson

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

I have attended the PMP certification training, having Narciss as a trainer. Although the content was dense and difficult, Narciss managed to make it very clear and result-oriented, making 5 days of fun and very pleasant learning. Moreover, he was very helpful, sticking virtually by my side for one year and over 100 e-mail exchange, helping me with exam preparation, until I finally passed the PMP certification exam. I could not have done it without him!

Technical Project Manager at Azdio

TARGET Project Management Professional (PMP)® CERTIFICATION

I was lucky to have Narciss as trainer and mentor for my PMP certification. His dedication and "customized" approach from the first meeting to the examination day convinced me I had the chance to work with a real, supportive, passionate professional!

Project Manager at Plasmera Consult

TARGET Project Management Professional (PMP)® CERTIFICATION

I have attended one of Narciss` classes for PMP training and i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the training, the level of knowledge, expertise and teaching process. Narciss has exhibited a high level of professionalism, energy and made the study process easier by bringing in real life, practical examples to relate to and a dose of humor to make the learning more enjoyable. After the class training I underwent an intense self study process where Narciss played a determinant role providing continuous support and guidance along the way. I`m extremely pleased I took that PMP class and for sure would recommend others to do so as well, in their pursuit for PMP certification.

RPA Implementation Manager at UiPath - Robotic Process Automation

TARGET Project Management Professional (PMP)® CERTIFICATION

Narciss is one of those people that does not give up on you even when you feel you can't make it. Very determined to make his students succeed, he has been able to train, motivate and inspire. Thank you Narciss.

Project Manager PMP at Atos

TARGET Project Management Professional (PMP)® CERTIFICATION

Narciss is an excellent trainer and mentor with a lot of expertise in project management. He managed to transfer to audience, project management concepts into a friendly manner, making the upcoming preparation a lot more easy then normally would be. Good motivator, he knows how to make you to exceed your own limits.  After training, he came up with a study program, customized for me, based on some initial tests. He managed to keep me engaged during entire study period and provided me assistance to any query which I’ve had. I strongly recommend Narciss anytime, to whoever want to get PMP certification.


TARGET Project Management Professional (PMP)® CERTIFICATION

I have attended Narciss's TARGET PMP CERTIFICATION course after some time of documentation on PMP Certification trainers. It was the best choice i could make. The one week training was clear and result-oriented, sprinkled with examples, jokes and fun. After the course he had prepared a very detailed learning plan and together with a lot of email exchanges with debriefing and questions i succeed in obtaining the PMP certification. Excellent trainer with high class professionalism. I would highly recommend him. That's why i recommend him as an excellent trainer.

Developer / Scrum Master at WirTek A/S

TARGET Project Management Professional (PMP)® CERTIFICATION

Taking the PMP certification exam is a challenge by itself but going from zero to a certified project manager in under 2 months some will say is crazy. With the help of Narciss and his express method I was able to focus down my efforts and pass the exam from the first trial with above average results in less than two months from the first day of the TARGET PMP® CERTIFICATION class. All materials were included and once started there was no escaping him.

Experienced Marketing Conusltant and Lecturer at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

TARGET Project Management Professional (PMP)® CERTIFICATION

I had took Narciss Popescu's PMP training course, because a friend of mine recommended it being the best PMP prep available on the market, and now I can say that he was right and this decision was the best I could make. The course was very well structured, Narciss have provided all the information regarding the PMBOK Guide concepts in a very attractive manner, covering them with a lot of real life examples, proving deep knowledge and excellent experience on the subject. More than that, Narciss coached me after the training, guiding me, answering to my questions, helping me to understand the difficult topics and providing lots of hints how to learn and approach PMP exam. As a result I took the exam from the first try. Thank you, Narciss.

Technical Project Manager at Eximprod Grup

TARGET Project Management Professional (PMP)® CERTIFICATION

I attended the Target PMP Certification in December 2016 and right after that, Narciss provided a very detailed learning plan and I started the assisted learning program with Narciss. It was not easy at all to make time and find spare moments to dedicate to studying and it took me exactly one year to get prepared to pass the exam, but Narciss was there for me all along the way, answering my questions and validating each and every practice tests I took. In the last 2 weeks before the exam, Narciss was a real coach, giving me precise instructions on what to study, how, when, how to rest, what to eat before the exam, and so on. And above all that, lots of positive energy and encouragement that helped me a lot, knowing that I am not alone in this adventure. Thank you, Narciss, I recommend you without hesitation to anyone attempting to pass this difficult exam!

Service Delivery Manager and Agile lead at Axway

TARGET Project Management Professional (PMP)® CERTIFICATION

I really enjoyed attending "Agile - Scrum for Teams" training. Mihai managed to combine the core notions of Agile with dynamic exercises that kept the participants all eyes and ears. He came with real life examples and encouraged the others to share their experiences as well. I think that this is a great training to start with if you want to go down the Agile path.

Business Analyst at Sustainalytics

Agile - Scrum for Teams

The course was very helpful in understanding Agile/Scrum principles and framework. Special thanks to Mihai, the trainer, who managed very professionally to pass the knowledge and keeping us focused throughout the course.

Project Manager at Stratalux INC

Agile - Scrum for Teams

I was fortunate enough to have Mihai as my trainer for the PMI-ACP certification, and I don't regret it - needless to say the objective has been achieved and I am now the prowd owner of a PMI-ACP certification with "above target" mention on all domains. Mihai is a very hands-on coach. Not only did he provide relevant information during the training, but he also provided a personalized learning plan after the training in order to prepare for the exam. Then he followed through the plan by making himself available for guidance via dedicated skype sessions. Also, when I encountered areas where I felt I was less prepared, Mihai was kind enough to help me with reference material specifically targeted for the areas needing improvement. These reference materials proved to be of much bigger use for the exam that I would have initially assumed. I would recommend Mihai to anyone who wants to prepare for the PMI-ACP certification.

Scrum Master at Viva Credit IFN

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

I have met Mihai during one of the training sessions for PMI-ACP certifications. Dedicated and highly skilled as a trainer, coach and mentor, made me to have a much clear understanding about Agile, and started to immediately change and adapt my current mind-set. He is very supportive, cares about his work, and can really make the things happen for anyone that wants to be Agile , do Agile and to get certified for these. Keep up the good work and see you soon for another journey!

Development Manager at IBM

I had the pleasure of attending Mihai's TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION program. I say program because it's not limited to the 3 days of training. During the training, Mihai combined the theoretical information with real-life examples. In the period between the training and the exam, he helped with a tailored learning plan, frequently checking in to see if things were unclear. It really helped that he was available for follow up questions until the day of the exam.

QA Manager at Bitdefender

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

I really liked this training. Mihai is natural and genuine during the presentation. He has the experience as a Scrum Master and Project Manager. He presents the concepts and values as person who believe in what he said. He has many stories from real life. An Agile training for everybody: the people who discover first time Agile world or people with experience in working in Scrum format. I recommend Mihai and I recommend the training (information, structure, examples, games) created by Mihai. Good job Mihai!

IT Manager at Cegeka Romania

Mihai manages to create an excellent balance between theory and practice - funny examples from the real life (all in a relaxed atmosphere). Even all of us were from different domains of expertise, some of the trainees didn't use Agile before, after the course he managed to induce us all that Agile mindset (which is the key feature of the whole thing). After each module we had a 15 questions test, explained after. He gave us access to docs, tests, and moreover, he will train each of us for the ACP exam, adapted to each person's pace of learning. Highly recommend!

Technical Lead and Scrum Master at 3 Pillar Global

TARGET PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® CERTIFICATION

Octavian Mihalcovici from PM Access has a deep analytical understanding of business processes and organizational strategy. Using a mix of frameworks (PMI for PM, BSC for Strategy) and specialized knowledge, he helped our organization improve the business processes which had the greatest impact on our customers. Using Kanban, he made the work that we are doing more visible and manageable. This had a great impact on the way we communicate internally and with the customers. I would recommend his services to all the companies who want to better understand what a good strategy would be for them and also who want to have improved business and project management processes.

Sales Director at New Com Telecomunicatii

I attended Mihai course "TARGET PMI-ACP® CERTIFICATION" in March 2017. The teaching method is very natural, I like that he is varying theoretical aspects with very hands-on examples from Agile world. I felt I learned in 3 days what I could have learned in a few months by my own, and I think Mihai also taught me not only how to do agile but also how to become Agile. After the training course he encouraged me to take the exam as a proof of my knowledge. He created a personalized program for taking the exam. I made a 6 months break of learning due to some personal problems, but when I got back I had all his support. He always found time to answer any question I had, and they were a lot of them ! He always found a good metaphor to explain me the hardest concepts. I hope I can work again with him, and I will probably attend another course he is teaching "Scrum for Teams" in the near future.

Project Manager at EDIS

First of all, Mihai is a true professional in both agile techniques and as a trainer. The content of the course is rich, explanatory, with plenty of tools to use in various businesses and areas. The course convinced me agile could be a smart way to work and stay together.

Customer Journey Coordinator at Engie

The training was very informative, touching both theory and practical methods.

QA Project Lead at Electronic Arts

You will learn new things, new methods, even though you already have a basic knowledge about Scrum/Agile. It changes your normal perception about Scrum/Agile.

QA Project Lead at Electronic Arts

The Agile Scrum for Teams training is exactly what you need if you want to start working in an agile team or you want to gain stronger knowledge about the process. The two days I attended the class were interesting and this had a positive impact on my vision about Scrum. I kindly recommend it!

.NET Developer at Siemens

The "Agile Scrum for Teams" training held by Mihai is a terrific Agile practices refreshment for those that have some previous experience in this field and also for newcomers. I recommend this training for anyone who wants to build products in the Agile way.

Software Engineer at Siemens

We've implemented an Agile Awareness training program with PM Access and also an Agile Coach internal selection process. With more than 300 trainees in the Agile Awareness sessions, PM Access managed to support our commitment to Agile transformation in 2015. The grounds were very well set for collaboration and all attendees now share the same understanding of Agile values, principles and the benefits they provide. Mihai was truly inspiring, sharing his knowledge and experience he brings from working closely with Agile teams. We received the same value and quality from PM Access during the selection process of internal Agile coaches. PM Access partnered with the Business and HR to reveal the most appropriate people in the company that can represent the Agile initiatives, going forward. Thank you, PM Access!

Senior HR Consultant at Metro Systems

In our experience of agile coaching, true value comes with hands-on experience. Agile coaching is not only a display of knowledge but a practice. Working with PM Access on our Agile transformation projects has revealed how important it is to see someone practicing agility, and not only preaching it. With Mihai standing by our teams, we've got to observe the behaviors of servant leadership and openness, to the point we realized communication is not an addition to work, but a way of working. What we've come to recognize as valuable during the coaching process is the empowerment the team received in the process, and how they continue to act boldly to new challenges! We love this result!

Information Technology Manager at Medicover Synevo

Coaching Agile

I really recommend the Negotiating Workshop, it's very well structured and focused on key negotiating techniques.

Project Manager at Ericsson

Useful workshop for business management. Interactive and structured, it brings a lot of information with regard to product and financial management as well as services strategies. Many interesting examples shared.

Project Manager at Ericsson

"Managing Projects in Business Environment" Training is very well structured, combining theory with practical examples. It is very useful for all the persons interested in Project Management area as it covers all important aspects. The trainer also added a great value and succeeded in reaching the proposed objectives. I would definitvely not hesitate attending also other trainings delivered by the PM ACCESS professionals.

HR Business Partner at Cegeka

Attending Narciss' training courses is an experience one won't find somewhere else that often: energetic, intense, no boredom, total participation and above all an excellent mixture between well explained theory and real life practice examples. It keeps you pretty much on your toes basically. There is no question you may bring out of your bag that won't find its answer and no uncertainty that can't be clarified and anchored in a well-structured context. He is known to have this effect on people, that he can transfer high amounts of knowledge and energy. Hence my piece of advice to those who attend his PMP prep courses: you may get the feeling that you're ready to sit the PMP exam the next day; but that's just because you've attended Narciss' classes - actually you do still have to study/recap a little. Just a little.

IT Manager at Ursus Breweries at subsidiary of SABMiller Plc

Narciss' course was recommended to me as the best PMP prep course available on the market. I attended his course and was not at all dissapointed. He managed to present a roughly "arid" methodology in an interesting and attractive way. I would describe his course as: interactive, captivating, explanatory and full with examples. He emphasised the importance of questions even after the course was finished and always tried to explain the tricky concepts or questions until. Moreover I appreciated his help with final details while prepairing the application for the actual exam. I would highly recommend Narciss for his method of presenting project management topics, for his pleasant personality and involvement in his student's certification process.

Senior Project Manager at Capgemini

I met Narciss during his PMP training course, which I took in order to prepaire myself for the PMP exam. I congratulate myself for the decision of working with Narciss, since he is a true professional: very committed, highly skilled, and most importantly knows how to explain things, thus making everything easier. Narciss also provided support after the course, and guided me through the learning process. With his help, I am now PMP certified. I am looking forward with working with Narciss again in the future..

IT Project Manager at Groupama

Narciss was my trainer for the "contact hours" required for PMI's PMP® certification. I can say that he truly masters both the PMBOK® concepts and the art of training. I have stayed in contact with him after the training, because of his likeable nature and personal integrity. I strongly and warmly recommend Narciss as a PM expert and a trainer for becoming PMP® certified, in particular.

Agile Coach

Narciss is great trainer, with a lot of experience and some nice personal touches. After taking the PMP exam, I can say that the training was very well planned: good timing, focused on all essential subjects, extremely comprehensive and fun, too. I just had to review the training materials and add a little study and there I was, ready for the exam.  Already recommended him to a few of my colleagues, it's probably the best choice to get the PMP certification in Romania (Bucharest).

Project Manager at NORTAL UK

Narciss is one of the trainers that had one of the biggest impact in shaping my professional profile. His teaching skills, knowledge passing ability, in-depth business understanding and extensive practical experience is probably what makes Narciss so effective in his trainer activity. During his training sessions things were always challenging both during theoretical and practical parts. In a nutshell, if preparing for your PMP certification or if you are just looking for improving your PM skills, in any are of your activity, Narciss is the one you should seek.

Business Development Manager at Novensys

I met Narciss as a co-worker a while back and got to know and respect him for his impecable work ethics, soft skills and experience. Having him also as a trainer for PMP certification was a great opportunity to grasp some of the tricks of the trade that he masters so well in his professional life. It is very seldom that a trainer manages to mix so well the theoretical knowledge with actual advice and hints from his professional experience. From this precise mix, the training course that Narciss is delivering helped me to obtain the PMP certification but also to grow as a professional.

Senior Director at Electronic Arts

Narciss added a great value during the PMP  training. His training methodology, as well as his useful advices to specific project management topics, helped me a lot to get the PMP certification and become a better project manager. I did and will always do highly recommend Narciss for any project management related trainings and consultancy activities.

Public Sector Account Manager at IBM

Searching the internet for project management classes I found PM Access and I decided that among other options this one was the best. So next thing I did I enrolled in the class called TARGET PMP® CERTIFICATION. Here I discovered one of my best teachers, Narciss Popescu. His teaching method is quite unique. He has a relaxed approach but highly professional in the same time. He managed to teach me all concepts described in PMBOK® Guide. He coached me after the course indicating the steps to make for preparing to pass the PMP® exam. I highly recommend Narciss to all project managers who wish to obtain PMP® Certification

Project Manager at Magic View

Narciss is one of the best trainers I ever had in class, I participated to 2 trainings held by him, the most important was the one in which he supported us with the preparation for the PMP certification. I can say that I am now certified also due to the well organized training, explanations and support I received from Narciss.  I would highly recommend Narciss for any project management trainings, especially for the ones that want to pursue the PMP certification.

Manager at Metro Cash and Carry

I first know Narciss when I attended a PMP Training. He is an analytical person and has strong strategic thinking skills. Very efficent in his work as a trainer and very organized. I took PMP exam from first try thanks to his precious explanations and continous support even after training period has finished.  He has to be the best trainer I ever met because he succeded in motivating me to acomplish my goal. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to take the PMP exam

Head of GSSO IT Sourcing at Ericsson

I have attended to 2 courses organized by Narciss during 2010 at Ericsson and I was effectively impressed: by the way he is exposing ideas, how the course agenda is being structured, by all those relevant examples which make you recall all the topics approached there even after passing a year, by his friendly attitude and respect shown to his students, by his passion to see people understanding even the most abstract concepts. I still remember the Negotiation training when we've learned the different types of negotiation based on different peoples' culture, with your experience faced in Japan which should be introduced in every negotiation dictionary in order to be used by people dealing with this part of Asia, but mainly I recall the unexpected final when everybody exclaimed: "this is the most interesting training course I have ever attended!". Wish you to keep sharing with the students your endless enthusiasm and experience and you'll not only find continuous challenges but lot of happy and well trained professionals! PS: Please bear in mind that this recommendation has been done by a former trainer! :)

Project Manager at Ericsson

I attended Narciss Popescu's Target PMP course and it was the foundation for my desire to learn and take the PMP exam, which I eventually passed. His training style is scenario-based and it helped me assimilate the new information a lot easier. I was also very content about the post-course counseling which helped me in the process of earning my PMP certification. I would highly recommend his training classes.

Senior QA Engineer at Luxoft

When I've took the PMP course, I discovered in Narciss a very open, skillful and nice trainer who helped me to really understand the encrypted and vast information from PMBOK. Before attending this training, I had already read the PMBOK at least once, but it was very hard to get the concepts. Narciss gave the structure and a lot of valuable tips for a clear understanding of the areas and processes. He helped me this way to successfully get the PMP certification at my first try. I appreciated very much my manager’s recommendation to take that course and my great luck to meet Narciss.

Project Manager at HP

Though it is a complex area, Narciss helped us see the big picture and understand the logical relationships between the concepts. Moreover, his personality, personal experience and knowledge made the attending of the 5 days 'Target PMP Certification' course a real pleasure. After the course, Narciss helped me organize my efforts in studying for the PMP certification, which I eventually got. I definitely recommend this course. It brings real value to people that want to certify themselves as PMP or to get better at managing projects.

Project Manager at Luxoft

Target PMP Certification was recommended to me as the best PMP Training from the Romanian market and I wasn't at all disappointed. I can say now that Narciss is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. He knows very well how to capture student’s attention and makes his classes very attractive. And what is most important: he helped us after the training during learning process, saving our time, giving directions and answering to our questions. With him, getting PMP Certification is a sure thing.

Product Manager at Interactive Systems & Business Consulting

Narciss is an outstanding trainer, who can go beyond the content of the course, transferring also knowledge from his broad work experience. He is focused on course objectives, empathic and convincing, has strong presentation skills and an awesome sense regarding time management. He is the kind of the trainer you would like to meet again, at another course.

Customer Project Manager at Ericsson

Narciss Popescu is an excellent trainer, he added value to my knowledge during the training timeframe. He was one of the reason I passed the PMP exam on the first try, aside from being a good trainer, he helped me developing a learning strategy after the official PMP course and tweaked it until the exam took place.

Technical Project Manager and Entrepreneur

To study for my PMP certification, the training provided by Narciss was the best choice I could make. The results did not hesitate to appear, as in the next two weeks I passed the exam. The training was very goal oriented, and Narciss proved to be an experienced and professional trainer.

Project Manager at Freelancer

If you are considering getting a PMI credential to further your career in Project Management, I strongly recommend Narciss. The material for PMP was presented clearly and concisely by Narciss and he carefully explained project management methodology and encouraged questions. He exhibited a sincere concern about the success of those attending the training. In the post-training environment, Narciss established a networking link so students could keep in touch, ask questions, and share their testing experience. He also made himself available for counsel and questions. Rarely do you expect this kind of cradle-to-grave commitment. Narciss is certainly an outstanding educator and a concerned, caring individual. He is a professional resource you do not want to miss experiencing.

Project Manager at Raiffeisen Bank

I would recommend Narciss' training: Target PMP Certification (PM ACCESS) to anyone that seeks to get PMP certified. Not only the training is time very well spent, but also the support offered by Narciss after (and even before) the training is outstanding. Narciss is always there to give an advice, to make sure you follow the training plan and to support in any situation.  If you are looking for PMP certification, Narciss is the person that can make a difference to your preparation and to the result of your PMP examination.

Program Manager at HP